Make your own lip balm

Vanilla Lip Balm

Yummy, delicious, and simple yet incredibly effective!

My son, Soren, (like his mother) has a tendency towards vata excess or in non-Ayurvedic terms: dryness, particularly during this time of year when winter sets in and the heating is on and the cold wind is blowing. What we are left to deal with (besides the increase in kapha/mucus) is: Dry lips and dry skin.

Enter: Vanilla lip!  My girlfriend, Teshan, used to make this as part of her product line and I swore it was the bestest lip balm ever. And indeed, over the years it has been hard, if not impossible, to find a replacement.  So here is a rather simple recipe for making vanilla lip balm that can also be used as a body balm!

the ingredientsRecipe:

  • 20 grams of beeswax
  • 40 grams of vanilla infused jojoba oil
  • 25 grams of shea butter
  • 15 grams of cocoa butter

Supplies needed:

  • 10-15 Lip balm tubes or other acceptable containers
  • 2 – 3 / 25 – 50ml salve jars (for the lips and body)
  • A stainless steel double boiler
  • A scale that weighs grams
  • Stainless steel fork (for stirring)
  • Paper towels to clean up.


1. Weigh all ingredients.


Weigh Ingredients

Weigh Ingredients

2. Melt Beeswax in double boiler.

Melting beeswax

Melting beeswax

3. Just as beeswax is almost melted, add in Vanilla infused jojoba oil and Shea butter. Gently melt down and just before the shea is complete melted, add in cocoa butter (this will melt very quickly).

Add Vanilla infused jojoba and shea butter then just before completely melted add cocoa butter

Add Vanilla infused jojoba and shea butter then just before completely melted add cocoa butter

4. Stir well!


Stir well.

Stir well.

5. Fill containers.  You can use one of those trays to help fill lip balm tubes.  I simply poured the mix into the tubes, hence some balm got onto the tubes themselves. Easy to clean though.

Mix poured into containers

Mix poured into containers

tubes hardening


6. Let the balms sit to harden then wipe off outside of tubes or gently clean jar lips with paper towel.

All cleaned up and ready to be used. Soren and I have this balm all over our faces and lips.  Love it!

All cleaned up and ready to be used.


Enjoy! We love it!


  1. I was wondering how you made the infused jojoba oil for this recipe.

  2. Just have to make this I can just smell it now thanks

  3. Theresa says:

    I made this recipe last weekend and shipped several tubes to my sister. She called immediately upon receiving raving about the product! This is wonderful recipe. Thank you!

  4. Is it possible to use Almond oil or coconut oil instead of Jojoba oil?

    • Hello Ivonne, Yes, you can replace the jojoba oil. Coconut may make it a bit thicker but you will need to try and see what you think. Let me know if you do. I always love to hear how different oils change or alter the texture of the lip balm.

      Warm regards, Jade

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