To Bee

One ingredient which is most plentiful in this fragrance is LOVE, I so adore the honey bee and everything about her. She is quite a magnificent creature. – Roxana Villa


A few weeks ago Roxana Villa, botanical perfumer and visual artist, sent me a little package containing her new natural botanical perfume: To Bee. As I opened the package I felt an immediate attraction to its contents.  The little light pink container with an embossed bee seal on the top inspired. Upon opening, my sense of smell was drawn into the warming, spicy, floral, beeswax, honey aroma. I entered into a world of alchemy, transformation, and inspiration.

The To Bee solid perfume is greenish/brown/golden in color and quickly merges into the skin. Its initial application to my skin imparts a cinnamon floral beeswax earthly aroma.  A few hours later it settles into a woody sweet honey exotic peacefulness.

I am not a botanical perfumer so finding the right words to fully describe this delightful symphony of aromas arising from Too Bee solid perfume is challenging although in my heart and behind closed eyes, I sense its layers and am drawn to its beauty.

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