Richo Cech

This is a quote written by Richo Cech in Horizon Herbs recent newsletter.  I just loved it.  Check out Horizon Herbs at:

People, please learn, teach and practice permaculture.  Attune to food as medicine, medicine as plants, plants as emanations of the Great Spirit.  Let us respect our landscape by greening it up for the benefit of all beings:  rocks, microorganisms, insects, plants, trees, fishes, mammals, birds and humans.  May the elements of soil, sun, air and water nourish our plantings and contribute to the balance of nature.  If you find yourself separate from this balance– if your mind is fettered by the distractions of modern times, if your breath comes quick and shallow, if your body aches from stasis, if your emotions spill out of control and bring you down, then I have only one piece of advice.  Go outside.  Find a tree you like and put your hands on its bark, close your eyes, and feel the tree.  Understand that the tree gives selflessly of its shelter, its earth-building leaves, and its fruits.  The tree is a good example of how we can best purport ourselves on Earth.  It is our teacher.  Then, if it is warm outside in your garden, or if you have plants in pots in your greenhouse, solarium or apartment, find a plant you like and speak softly and encouragingly to it as you pull the weeds out from around it.  Bury your fingers in the soil and cultivate around the plant, improving nutrient dissemination, giving this lovely miracle space to grow and breathe.  The plant gives selflessly of its aromatics, beautiful flowers, seeds, and in many instances, its very body!  By caring for the plant we care for our own spirit, and in so doing, we heal our Mother, because she is us.

During this holiday season, we encourage you all to eschew the chaos of electronic gadgetry and plastic gee-gaws,  the bright and empty, gaudy detritus of civilization.  As my friend Julia Butterfly Hill says, there is no “away” where you can later throw this stuff.  Instead, invest in the miracle of life.  Buy seeds and make plans to plant them.  Self-sufficiency may be a dream now, but in the ensuing years it may well become a necessity.  The open-pollinated seeds we send you  are 100% seed saver friendly.  This means that once you have the plant in your garden, with care, you can continue to grow your own, year after year.  Then, in a pinch, you can still eat.  Perennial medicinal plants and trees are in many cases as permanent on this landscape as you and I, so planting them once, their positive effects can be effortlessly appreciated for the duration of our stay.  Every morning, each of us has the potential to bring goodness to our fellow creatures.  I bid you all to awaken to the potential of the new morning.  May your eyes be bright, your voices gentle, your hearts warm, and may your days be filled with love.


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