Recipe Ideas

Exploring some aromatic recipes


Comforting yet uplifting massage oil
1 ounce Jojoba, Sesame, or Marula
5 drops Bergamot   Citrus bergamia
7 drops Lavender     Lavandula angustifolia
4 drops Mandarin    Citrus reticulata
3 drops Patchouli    Pogostemon cablin

Citrus Spritzer
2oz of water (or Lavender hydrosol)
10 drops Bergamot    Citrus bergamia
7 drops Mandarin     Citrus reticulata
5 drops Lemon    Citrus limon
5 drops Grapefruit Citrus paradisi

To soothe excess Vata
1 ounce Jojoba, Sesame or Marula
5 drops Clary sage   Salvia sclarea
7 drops Lavender Lavandula angustifolia
5 drops Ylang ylang   Cananga odorata


Massage oil for cramps/painful menstruation
1 ounce organic jojoba or sesame
10 drops Ginger   Zingiber officinale
6 drops Clary sage     Salvia sclarea
4 drops Sweet marjoram     Origanum marjorana
7 drops Mandarin   Citrus reticulata

Respiratory Inhaler
5 drops Eucalyptus    Eucalyptus globulus
6 drops Rosemary ct. cineole     Rosmarinus officinalis
2 drops Peppermint      Mentha x piperita
4 drops Tea tree    Melaleuca alternifolia

Breathing Space Diffusor blend
20 drops Eucalyptus     Eucalyptus globulus
15 drops Lemon    Citrus limon

Dry/irritated Skin Blend
1ounce unscented natural organic cream or jojoba oil
5 drops Frankincense    Boswellia papyriferra
2 drops Roman chamomile    Chamaemelum nobile
3 drops Lavender    Lavandula angustifolia


Enhance digestion massage blend
1 ounce Jojoba or Marula
18 drops Fennel   Foeniculum vulgare
10 drops Ginger    Zingiber officinale


Aphrodisiac Massage Oil
1oz Organic Jojoba oil with:
5 drops Ginger     Zingiber officinale
6 drops Ylang ylang    Cananga odorata
3 drops Cinnamon leaf      Cinnamomum zeylanicum
6 drops Mandarin    Citrus reticulata
4 drops Cardamom     Elettaria cardamomum

Arthritis/Pain relieving gel
15 drops Lemongrass    Cymbopogon citratus
24 drops Ginger    Zingiber officinale
2 ounces Organic Aloe vera gelly (Lily of the Desert)
1 tbsp. Arnica herbal oil
1-2 tbsp. Lavender hydrosol
1 tbsp. Roman or German chamomile hydrosol* (if not available, use more Lavender hydrosol)

Blend all ingredients together. Add more hydrosol if the gelly is a bit ‘tacky’ feeling. Rub on localized area as needed.


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