Our garden awakens

Here in North Carolina we have been experiencing a mix of warm and cold weather. It has been perfect to prepare our back beds for spring greens. We had to remove (rather unfortunately) a ton of chickweed which tends to overtake the garden in the back. Thankfully there is lots of other chickweed around. We planted: (all organic seeds) Spinach, Kale, Sugar snap peas, Radishes, Arugala (2 kinds), various lettuces, Beets, Carrots, Chard, Parsley, Cilantro, and Motherwort (spring medicinal plant here in NC). This week we are adding organic potatoes and onions.

Around the yard, the nettles are making their way back. Yes, it is already time to saute some young nettles with garlic and enjoy! The cleavers are coming up and dandelions, all indicative of the nature of spring: cleansing and releasing.

Here are some photos of the preparation and planting. Our back gardens were a bit neglected last year and I did not get a chance to put in a cover crop so we have added quite a bit of new compost to the soil. This year: cover crop! The front gardens, on the other hand, received oats and peas for cover crop (horizon herbs). We have until April to prepare the front gardens when we begin planting summer crops.

The Back garden with lots of chickweed

More of the back garden before clearing

The woods and the garden

A day later. Ready for planting.

Some of the front gardens: cover crop Oats and leaves

more of the front garden beds

Soren on the new compost

Soren on compost

Front garden with leaves and oats nourishing the soil

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