Make Your Own Body Butter

Vanilla Infused Shea Coconut Body Butter

all butters outside


*All ingredients certified organic.

Essential oils: I put three different ‘scents’ in different jars, as follows:

  • Cardamom: 12-15 drops Cardamom in each jar (made 3 jars)
  • Neroli: 6-7 drops Neroli (made 2 jars)
  • Lavender: 15 -20 drops Lavender  (made 3 jars)


To make Vanilla Shea Coconut Body Butter

butter outside

Step 1: Weigh and measure all ingredients.

butter ingredients

Step 2: Gently melt shea butter and coconut oil in double boiler.

add shea to double boiler

Adding shea to double boiler

add coconut in with shea

Coconut oil and Shea butter melting in double boiler

Step Three: Stir mix well while it is melting. Just before the shea and coconut are completely melted, remove from heat.

stir shea and coconut well while melting

Stir shea and coconut with stainless steel fork or whisk

**While this is melting (or before) add drops of essential oils into clean sterilized glass jars. See drops per jar.

Adding individual essential oils to separate jars

Adding individual essential oils to separate jars

Step Four: Add in vanilla infused jojoba, avocado and sea buckthorn co2 extract

Adding Vanilla infused jojoba

Adding Vanilla infused jojoba

Adding in avocado oil

Adding in avocado oil

Adding in Sea Buckthorn co2 extract

Adding in Sea Buckthorn co2 extract

Be sure to stir well with stainless steel fork.

stir very well
Step Five: Pour a bit of mix into a jar, cap and shake and set aside. Continue to next jar.

Pouring into jars

Pouring into jars

Shake each jar as you fill it

Shake each jar as you fill it

Jars before heading to freezer

Jars before heading to freezer

Step 6: Place completed jars with lids on, in the freezer for about 30 minutes to help the shea butter set.

Jars in freezer for 30 minutes to support shea butter setting properly

Jars in freezer for 30 minutes to support shea butter setting properly

Step 7: After 30 minutes, remove from freezer and set out in cool area.  It can take up to 12-24 hours for a butter to completely set.

Post freezer

Post freezer

Step Eight:  While the butter is setting and hardening, take time to make labels!  Label each jar with all ingredients.  I am in the midst of making labels and will post pictures as soon as they are complete.  I ended up putting the butter jars in the refrigerator to solidify as it is hot and humid here even with air conditioning!

After 12-24 hours, the butter is Ready to use! This butter will stay ‘solid’ when kept refrigerated and will soften when at room temperature during the summer months.  Enjoy this rich emollient soothing body butter to nourish your skin!

mostly set outside


Interested in making more organic body care products, consider our Organic Body Care Products Certification Program.


  1. Catherine Fogarty says:

    Is the jojoba supposed to be vanilla infused, as well as the coconut oil? This looks good!

    • Hello Catherine, Yes, it is vanilla infused jojoba. I just added a link on how to make this.

      Enjoy! It is a beautiful body butter. Let me know how it comes out for you!

      • Catherine Fogarty says:

        I whipped the body butter to make it soft and fluffy before filling the jars. I added the essential oils while whipping. I added Carrot Seed, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Palmarosa, and Patchouli essential oils. It is a very nice body butter…..gentle enough to use on my face. I love it, and my friends and family love it! Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Hi! Great recipe for a body butter. Can I use my crock pot to infuse the vanilla into the coconut oil? I do not think it’s a good idea to have the stovetop on for 3-4 days!! Also you say in the post at night to turn the stove up…I think you mean to turn it off. Anyway, I would feel better putting this into a crock pot, not the stove, for 3-4 days. Would that work? Also, I bought shea butter last week, I melted and whipped it up with coconut and olive oil and some EO’s (lemon and lavendar) but you can still smell the shea pretty strongly. Is that always going to be the case with shea? I’m going to try your recipe soon.

    • Hello Mary, You could use a crockpot but it may get a bit too hot even on the lowest setting. I use the stove top but turn it off when I leave the house and turn it back on when I get back home. This is a better way since you have more control over the heating. With regards to shea, yes it does have an aroma. I like the aroma and find it merges well with the essential oils. It is certainly preferable to use virgin or unprocessed shea as this will maintain the nutrient profile. Hope that helps! Let me know how your butter comes out!
      Kind regards, Jade

  3. I have made the rosemary juniper salt scrub last week and already have my friends placing their Christmas wish lists! I am starting the vanilla infused oil, it has been brewing for 5 days now! LOVE THIS !
    Ginger Blair

  4. In the ingredients it just says “coconut” but in the directions it says “coconut oil”; could you please clarify?

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