Natural Lip Balm Recipe

My Lumina Titian~Lip Balm

Created by:  Cyprus Michalchuk


  • 2tsp carrot infused oil
  • 2tsp evening primrose oil
  • 2tsp of poplar bud infused oil (use what ever infused oil you have)
  • 1tsp jojoba
  • 2tsp avocado oil
  • 2tsp (heaping) cocoa butter
  • 1/2 local honey
  • 3 tsp heaping local bees wax
  • Sea Buckthorn Co2 or extract
  • Rosehip extract

Add your oils together including the seabuck and rose hip.  I used a couple globs of rose hip extract, it is the only measurement I know…it’s very thick and is hard to measure, and I added 20 drops of Sea buckthorn.  Then you melt the bees wax (don’t boil) and honey.  When melted quickly add your oil mixture, heat until the wax melts again then quickly pour into containers.  It makes a lot so I re-heat a bit in the middle.  If you want your balm harder add more wax.
Pour into containers and let harden.

Note: My lips are too sensitive for EO but you can add some if you like.

Small tins or pots can. Recipe makes yields around 10 small pots.


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Cyprus Michalchuk