Pauline at Little Frog Essentials

Our interview with Pauline, EWSHAS graduate and business creator of Little Frog Essentials

History: little frog essentials TM was born of a desire to make and share healthy eco-friendly products that are also fun to use.  mostly organic ingredients are used along with Dead Sea Salts, which are valued for their health enhancing properties.  where organic essential oils are unavailable, ethically harvested essential oils are used.

Each product is made individually with love and the intention that these products will contribute in some way to your wellness and vitality.  whether it be an hour’s respite and remembrance of relaxation or a shared gift to a friend to do the same for her or himself, enjoy these in peace, which is the spirit in which they were created.


1. What brought you to the study of aromatherapy and natural lifestyles?

Life circumstances were a large part, things cropping up that I wanted to treat naturally after years of antibiotics as a child and teen. My father was a big influence. He gave me “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay with a lot of passages underlined and this was one of my first introductions into healing. I have been practicing Reiki for eleven years. I am fortunate my family, my parents in particular, were very open to Reiki and were my best supporters and the recipients of a lot of Reiki over the years. My husband studied Reiki with me and it helps us in our lives and also helps others around us. Aromas have always held a special place for me and taking your class deepened my knowledge and experience and I had great fun making lots of recipes. What keeps me interested is the desire to be well and treat anything that comes up naturally. I have to say Reiki and Aromatherapy both have helped me enhance my health and have added a lot to my life.

2. What inspired you to integrate aromatherapy with Reiki?

My sense of smell is one of my greatest treasures and I have always loved lavender since I can remember. I have integrated aromatic spritzers along my way and while taking your class, I started using aromatherapy in a lot of different ways with the Reiki ~ in an oil the client could use on their abdomen or flanks before coming for a session, an aromatic spritzer I sprayed on them during the session, or an oil to be rubbed on their temples while doing a Reiki session. I also experimented a lot with combining purposes for mental, emotional and physical reasons. Everyone I worked with when combining Reiki with Aromatherapy enjoyed the sessions. I felt the combination of Reiki and Aromatherapy gave depth to the sessions and touched people on many levels. The synergy of the two modalities together was greater than each one alone. It surprised me over and over and I was very excited about it.

3. You are in the midst of launching a business, how did you come up with the name for your business?

What will the emphasis of your products be? I am. It is called little frog essentials. The name came from my grandfather who used to call me little frog in his broken English. A friend convinced me to add the word “essentials” and it seemed to jibe with the products.

4. What importance do you place on quality of materials that go into your product line?

They are made with organic essentials oils, with only one exception. I use organic jojoba, which is wonderful for all skin types and has helped clear my skin and restore a healthy glow. I also use Dead Sea Salts from Israel, which have many healing properties for the body outside and in. I chose the ingredients because they are things I want to use AND DO! And, I wanted to offer organic ingredients for the benefit of everyone involved: the people using the products, the growers, the earth, without the effects of pesticides. I make each item individually versus in large or small batches. So each body oil is made one at a time; ditto each sugar scrub, etc. And, I feel great about the end product.

5. What is your vision for your business?

I am hoping that people will enjoy using the products and find they help them in some way. I am currently looking for small boutiques offering natural products and like minded items to buy wholesale and to offer them to their customers. I am happy to pack and send any products if people would like that on an individual basis. People can email little frog and I am happy to send pricing.

6. Do you have an experience with aromatherapy you would like to share?

I use essential oils in my life every day on my body, in my space, and to clean. They contribute to my healing and well being on so many levels. I like making things for others in the hopes that they will experience healing on some level and enhancement of their health and lives. One experience I have been blessed to have and learn about is that aromatherapy is very helpful in helping someone transition from this life and that rose and lavender make a wonderful combination to help open the heart chakra of the dying person and everyone around that person. The oils on their own can help heal the heart of grief and help a person find the love within. I am grateful for my lessons. Combining the Reiki and aromas will be a continuing journey for me.





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