Lavandula angustifolia or augustifolia?

Lavandula species angustifolia or augustifolia

Recently I came across a short article on the botanical specificity of Lavandula and the correct species epitaph. I cannot now recall where I came across this (searching all morning for the original article). The article proposed that the correct species epitaph is “augustifolia‘. I was intrigued by the claim so have spent a few hours researching this. It appears that for a couple of species, e.g. echinacea, both species epitaph terms are used almost interchangeably. I see Lavandula angustifolia and Lavandula augustifolia however, when I most often find angustifolia.

I could find no direct reference that augustifolia is the correct species epitaph. In fact, according to the following sites, L. angustifolia is indeed correct.

US Dept of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service

The Euro-Med Plant Base

And in the book The genus Lavandula By Tim Upson, Susyn Andrews, Georita Harriott
The book also confirms the term ‘angustifolia’ on page 114 and throughout the book. You can see a google book version of this at:

and here

And here

And in the book “Medicinal Plants of the World” etc. etc. etc. etc.


So it does seem to be the correct term: Lavandula angustifolia .  Phew!


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