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Amy Galper: Buddha Nose

1.  What brought you to the study of aromatherapy and natural lifestyles?
About 14 years ago I was diagnosed with a mysterious kidney disease and it really changed my life.  It made me look at the illness ( how it manifested) and my habits, life patterns, symbolically –and with great resolve, I chose to make some changes. The journey of getting better introduced me to herbal medicine, and many alternative healing modalities.  My studies intensified, and soon I became a Shiatsu therapist with a nice practice in NYC. The disease went into remission, and my work with my clients inspired me to begin experimenting with essential oils and herbs.  Seeking a better foundation of knowledge, I enrolled in Jade’s course…and was hooked!

2.  What inspired you to create Buddha Nose?
Buddha Nose grew out of my Shiatsu practice, and my efforts to inspire my clients to be still and breathe, and make a mind-body connection.  As I worked with people I began to see great resonance between the energies of the meridians and the energetics of the essential oils, and played around with various blends to help my clients experience the mind-body-beauty relationship. The name combines two of my favorite practices:  Zen Buddhism/meditation and aromatic plant medicine.  hence the name :  Buddha  and Nose!

3.  How did you come up with the name and the line of products?

The products are direct expressions of my Shiatsu work.  In fact, the first set of products I ever made and used in my practice I called “meridian balms” – and they echoed the themes and energies of each meridian and their corresponding element.  For example, I had a “lung/large intestine (or metal) ” salve, and a “water element” balm.  Eventually, I realized that my clients found the names of the products a little intimidating, and felt uncertain about how to use them.  So I changed the names, but kept the basic formulations:  What was once the “lung” salve, became the Deep Breathe Balm,  what was once the “Triple Burner” Balm became the I Booster Salve, etc.  The new names were more user friendly, and still communicated the underlying intention of each product.  The goal was still the same:  to inspire stillness and simplicity.

4.  What importance do you place on quality of materials that go into your product line?
Using high quality ingredients is crucial; that is how I am trying to differentiate the brand.  I try to only use certified organic when available.  3 out of the four products in the line now carry the USDA organic seal – of which I am very proud.  Everyone who experiences the blends can tell right away the high quality and feel.

5. What is your vision for your business?
I’d like to see Buddha Nose grow and expand and be available in more locations.  Right now the products are sold mostly in yoga studios and spas in the US, and I think I cold connect with many more yogis nationwide.  I am distributed internationally as well and would like to see that side of the business to grow too. I’d also like to see Buddha Nose grow into more of a lifestyle brand, emphasizing experiences and community building.  Perhaps that will manifest as home parties, events, workshops and retreats.  This December Buddha Nose is already scheduled for about 8 events in New York City.


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