Aromatic Applications for the Skin

The Aromatic Applications for the Skin Certificate program is an aromatherapy education program designed for massage therapists, estheticians, nurses, healthcare providers and individuals interested in exploring aromatherapy and the benefits of essential oils for the skin.

Students interested in exploring the applications of essential oils to the skin for therapeutic benefit will want to take this program to advance their knowledge and application of aromatherapy for the skin.

This is an advanced level training program and is a module from our Aroma201: Advanced Aromatherapy Certification program.  A Foundations level training is recommended but not required.  This class can be taken by anyone, but we’ve found that students are primarily interested in:

  • Designing aromatherapy bath and body care products
  • Enhancing an existing health care or esthetic practice
  • Integrating natural body care products for self care
  • Advancing their knowledge of aromatherapy for the skin

As a rapidly growing complementary health care profession, Aromatherapy offers abundant career opportunities. EWSHAS graduates have gone on to create successful aromatherapy retail businesses, botanical perfumes, online essential oil and organic body care businesses, therapeutic product lines, chakra or yoga lines, sustainable green businesses, web based radio shows, and consultation services.

How do I become certified with the Aromatic Applications for the Skin Certificate Program?

The Aromatic Applications for the Skin program was established in February of 1997 and has been updated and redesigned in 2009.  The course is approved by The National Association For Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA).  This course provides 32 CE hours for Registered aromatherapists (RA).

In order to receive the East-West School for Aromatic Studies certification, approved by NAHA, students must:

  • Attend 14 hours of live training.
  • Complete all modules in the Aromatic Applications for the Skin program.
  • Complete 5 case studies on family, friends, self, or existing and willing clients.
  • Complete final exam (requested when ready to take).
  • Send in final exam and 5 case studies.

**NOTE: You can take the Aromatic Applications for the Skin program for a Certificate of Attendance only. You would not have to complete the Case studies or Final exam. A Certificate of Attendance would provide 14 CE hours.

This program is approved by the NCBTMB for 32 CE Hours for massage therapists.

Course Overview

Topics Covered

  • Anatomy of the skin
  • Ph and transepidermal water loss/natural moisturizing factor
  • The skin as a pathway onto and into the body
  • Essential oils as novel penetration enhancers
  • Aromatic psychodermatology
  • Safety and the skin
  • 25 essential oils: Materia medica for the skin
  • Base materials for the skin including: carrier oils and herbal infusions
  • Hydrosols: benefits and applications
  • Applications for the Skin
  • Moisturizers, Gels, Salves, Cleansers, Toners, Exfoliants, Clays
  • How to create a wide range of products for the skin
  • Skin analysis including Oriental face diagnosis
  • Disorders of the skin and treatment approaches
  • List of suppliers

Upon successful completion of Aromatic Applications for the Skin, you will be able to:

  • Describe the physiology of the skin including the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layers.
  • Describe how essential oils can affect the immune system and the cells responsible for this potential action.
  • Specify key physiological, chemical and psychological functions of the skin..
  • Explain how primary wound healing occurs and the 10 most important factors which influence the skins health.
  • List and discuss 8 analytical categories of the skin.
  • Describe the unique characteristics of the 7 ‘skin types’.
  • Apply essential oils to the skin safely.
  • Identify the key therapeutic actions of essential oils and hydrosols on the skin.
  • Create an herbal oil.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of various vegetable oils and the importance of quality.
  • List and discuss the therapeutic benefits of the main nutrients found in vegetable carrier oils used for skincare and massage.
  • List and define over 15 common issues of the skin.
  • Apply your knowledge of essential oils to the skin for 5 common skin issues.
  • Make a therapeutic salve, skincare cream, salt scrub, cleanser, exfoliant, toner and massage oil.
  • List and describe the 3 aspects of a basic facial care regime.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of herbal and vegetable oils, hydrosols and essential oils, by creating a skincare cream, toner, exfoliant, and cleanser.
  • Create dynamic aromatic body care products.

Career opportunities for graduates of the Aromatic Applications for the Skin Certificate Program:

What are East-West School for Aromatic Studies graduates doing?

  • Creating dynamic therapeutic aromatherapy products
  • Designing and creating organic body care lines
  • Establishing on-line website stores selling aromatic and herbal products
  • Educating the public and healthcare practitioners about aromatherapy
  • Writing articles for aromatherapy magazines, online publications and health magazines
  • Integrating aromatherapy into an existing practice to enhance client health

Course Enrollment Information

Tuition:  $325.**

**Tuition may vary slightly from location to location. See Calendar of Events.

Included Materials

  • 14 hours of live training with East-West School for Aromatic Studies approved Instructor (includes some distance learning time as well)
  • The Aromatic Applications for the Skin certificate manual designed and written by Jade Shutes, BA., Dipl. AT
  • The use of over 25 organic or wild crafted ‘therapeutic grade’ essential oils, a variety of base materials (vegetable oils, glycerin, beeswax, exfolliants, etc.)
  • Full materia medica profiles over 25 essential oils
  • An extensive list of resources for quality products
  • Information about various Aromatherapy organizations and journals
  • Access to network with other graduates online
  • Discounts on additional materials/kits from our select suppliers
  • Review of case studies and exam
  • CE hours for massage therapists (14 CE hours)
  • Certificate for Aromatic Applications for the Skin
  • Issuance of Certificate

Students will create and take home at least five of the following products:

  • Bath salts
  • Cream or Lotion
  • Massage oil
  • Salt scrubs
  • Lip balm/chap stick
  • Face wash/cleanser
  • Body wash
  • Facial exfolliant
  • Facial oil
  • Hydrosol or aromatic spritzer
  • Skin salve
  • Vanilla body oil
  • Hand sanitizer


Anyone may register for this class. A Foundations level aromatherapy education is recommended but not required. To find a course in your area please see our: Calendar of Events