Completing Elderberry Syrup

Here is our final images for the Elderberry syrup making.

Removing Elderberry syrup from pan after reducing to half (it ended up a little more than half reduced)


Measuring reduced liquid (NOTE: I took out a bit to make one cup and made a little syrup with honey I had but had to wait to the next day to get honey and complete the larger amount.)


Next day: added one cup of honey to elderberry syrup. (I prefer honey over glycerin as it has its own therapeutic properties.)


Stirring honey and elderberry syrup...mmmmm!


Pressing through cheesecloth (not sure how well this method worked, next time will just pour into cheesecloth and squeeze out!)


Pouring into sterilized jar for storing.


Be sure to label jar. I am storing this in the fridge although it may not last too long. My son and I love it!


I hope you enjoy making this wonderful delicious immune supportive syrup this winter!  If you need dried elderberries you can order them from Mtn Rose Herbs at:

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