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EWSHAS Graduate: Valerie Reddeman and her business – Greenfeet

My name is Valerie Reddemann. I discovered the power of essential oils nearly 20 years ago from a client of mine and it’s spurred a lifelong love affair with all things botanical.

I had narrowly missed being in a horrible traffic accident and arrived at a meeting shook up. My client, an aromatherapist, quickly grabbed a bottle of vetiver essential oil and waffed it under my nose. I found myself calming down and gathering my wits. She placed the bottle in my hand and told me to use it whenever I felt out of sorts. This single event started my quest to learn more about aromatherapy and the power of essential oils.

I met Jade Shutes and the IDA through a friends company and enrolled in her classes. I loved them. I then took a correspondence class to help elevate my understanding of the oils and how they work on the human body.  I had recently started my company,, and featured a selection of essential oils and products containing them. Since then, my company has grown into over 3,000 green, eco-friendly home and garden products. Essential oils still have a place in our product line up and a special place in my heart. Everyone at the office knows when someone’s upset, nervous, or has a minor cut or scrape – reach for the lavender.

We’ll take the plant over the pharmaceutical any time. By the way, I still have all my materials and reference them as needed. They’re invaluable and timeless. is an online retailer of thousands of green, eco friendly goods promoting a sustainable lifestyle. We feature items for every area of your life – reusables, kitchen, food, home, garden, personal care and gifts.

We’ve been around since 1997 and have stellar customer service. Not only do you deal with real people, but we offer free returns and exchanges, awesomely affordable flat rate shipping, free shipping on orders over $65 and a 366-day return policy (it’s leap year compliant). Checkout is one simple page and no registration is required. Greenfeet is committed to the best shopping experience around.

I hope you’ll notice the Greenfeet sense of humor throughout the site and we continue our “Green with A Grin” theme on both Facebook and Twitter where you gain access to exclusive offers, new product introductions, articles, how-to’s and even their notorious bad jokes. Having fun while going green is how we roll.


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