Taylor Sparks

Taylor Sparks of Morning Indigo

Taylor Sparks of Morning Indigo

Taylor Sparks: Morning Indigo

Who is Morning Indigo? Morning Indigo developed as a business without plans for a business. The original line was developed purely out of necessity after a tumultuous year. I loved natural body products but due to the “tough” year couldn’t afford to buy my favorites, so I opted to make them! With several years of training and experience from skin care companies such as Estee Lauder and Artistry Skin Care, I went onto the internet and started searching for the raw ingredients, in small quantities, to make my necessities – soap, body butter, hair oils. Through much searching, mixing and trials I had come up with a very nice product-for the house. This was initially just for the family. While my kids were in summer camp, I would send small jars of the body butter with them. One day a counselor asked if I could make her some. Of course, I wasn’t in business, but I was not one to turn down business. She became my first customer. It was my son that suggested that we start selling our products.

So I decided to name the product line Morning Indigo, after our children, since the profits were going to help the family. My son’s name, Tarik, means “Morning Star” in Arabic and my daughters name is Indigo. So I combined the two names. The original logo came from a neighbor. I had given her a bar of soap to try and she just loved it. She said, “I have envisioned your logo.” Logo, what logo? I’m not really in business! I didn’t know that she used to be a graphic artist and she came home with this beautiful logo…sunrise, mountains! My first commercial customer came from a good friend Shelley who owned a boutique in Seattle, WA. Our original line has been carried in Marina Del Rey Pharmacy in California, and within gift baskets of The Gift Studio and Hallmark Crown Stores! So, here we are, in business!!

Beginning in the fall of 2003 I began training with Team In Training (The Leukemia/Lymphoma Society) and completed my first Half-Marathon (Inside-Out Sports), Full Marathon at the 2004-Disney World, my first Sprint Triathlon at the 2004 Latta Plantation. In 2005 I again participated with Team In Training and completed the 2005 Nike Women’s Marathon. I still think that I may be going through some sort of Mid-life crisis because I had never run or participated in any endurance event! But I finished them all…and I wasn’t last! Now I have permanent bragging rights over my friends!

I trained through all four seasons for either my marathon(s) or triathlon. One thing that I noticed about all of the training was that my skin was drying out from all of the showers, chlorine and the sun/wind exposure. So as the owner of a body products company a couple of my teammates asked that I develop a body moisturizer that was light and easily absorbed into the skin and a wash that could remove the dirt and chlorine without stripping the skin of its own moisture. After much research and trials our Tri-Body Spray and Tri-Body Wash was developed.

While researching the numerous products that existed in the market and understanding the necessities of an athlete and fitness enthusiast, I realized that there is very little available to them by the way of natural products. What started as something for the family grew into what you now see before you, products made with the athlete and fitness enthusiast in mind and that feel as good as they are for you. We use only the finest essential oils, organic oils, pure castile and floral waters for all of our creations.


Taylor Sparks, Principal Goddess
Holistic Aromatherapist

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