Essential Skin Care through the Seasons with Jade Shutes: Free Webinar!

Join us for this free webinar on

Essential Skin Care through the Seasons: Autumn and Winter

with Jade Shutes

Seasonal Skin Care
Wednesday, July 30th:  7pm EST
(6pm CST, 5pm MST, 4pm PST)
Space is limited.
**If you register and are unable to attend for any reason, we will be sending out a link to all registrants to the recorded webinar! So no worries, if space fills you will still receive the webinar and the free pdf of recipes!  Heck, we may even run another one just so everyone can attend!

Although we are still in the midst of summer, it is a good time to begin gathering supplies for the Autumn and Winter seasons.

You will learn:

  • How to care for your skin through the Autumn and Winter Seasons
  • How to layer ingredients to increase therapeutic benefits
  • The top 7 essential oils for Autumn and Winter
  • The top hydrosols for each season
  • Common conditions of each season and how to create natural products that support your skins health and beauty

You will leave this webinar empowered to create your own natural skincare products for Autumn and Winter.

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  1. Rhavda Emison says:

    Thank you, Jade, for offering these classes.