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I had my first experience working with plants and essential oils and their healing powers while living in New York City. I was suffering from a skin condition that doctors could not help me with. All the conventional medicines they were prescribing were not working. A friend suggested I go and have a consultation with their herbalist down in the west village. I did and that was when the plants entered my life on a completely new level. During my consultation she began to tell me I was toxic, I needed to go organic, learn to meditate, start taking yoga classes and she prescribed an herbal program.  I went home that evening and started to do my research which led me to join an organic food co-op and I found a wonderful yoga/meditation class.

The healing began and I was feeling much better in all aspects of my being. The only thing that was not changing was the damage done to my skin. Feeling very frustrated while I was at the herbal store buying my herbs a friend pointed out the essential oils on the shelf and said she loved the way they made her apartment smell. I liked the idea of a nice smelling apartment and began sniffing away at the various amber bottles in front of me. I happened to turn around and noticed the book shelf and the first book I saw was a book that said something about “how to heal yourself with essential oils” so I looked up skin conditions and bought every essential oil they recommended in their recipe section. I went home with the proper preparations and began to make the recipes in the book. Nothing was happening. Then I opened to book up to the first page and began to read about the essential oils. I realized I needed to make a more personal blend based on the properties of the oils and my individual needs. I made my own blend and my skin started to heal. I never wrote down the recipe – a mistake I no longer make.

It was my horse Pete and my husband’s dog Jake that got me started working with animals. My horse Pete suffered from skin problems every summer. He would rub the base of his tail raw. I tried everything and nothing worked. I decided to make a remedy for him with the essential oils. I knew I wanted to make this formula extremely safe because Pete was a very sensitive being. I got the book out read about what I was trying to remedy and started to create. I made a blend of essential oils in a spray bottle that was water based. I brought it to the stable where Pete lived and asked the girls, who worked there, if they would spray this on his tail once or twice a day.  After one week his tail was starting to heal, two weeks the hair was growing back and three weeks later everyone wanted some. That was when FrogWorks was born.

Jake, my husband’s 16-year-old dog, was suffering from a hot spot and the vet gave Jake a steroid shot. The next day Jake had kidney failure and my husband had to suddenly say good-bye to his best friend of 16 years. After we laid Jake to rest my husband said to me, with tears in his eyes, “You need to create a product for dog’s so no other dog has go through this.” I was a little nervous about this because I was just reading a book and did not see this as my life’s mission. So I thought about it and one day I was sitting on the kitchen floor next to Jake’s water and feed dishes and I said, “Okay Jake, what are we going to do?” I got up went outside to work in the garden and that is when I got my idea. Voila, my second animal product was created. I consider Pete and Jake the co-founders of FrogWorks and I am so grateful for their products: Pete’s Equine Remedy and Jake’s Canine Remedy – they have helped hundreds of horses and dogs. All my products were created for a need from an animal or a human. I name all my animal products after the animal that helped me to create it.

It was at this time I realized I should start to educate myself in the realm of the plant world. My first teacher was Jade Shutes. I enrolled in her school “The Institute of Dynamic Aromatherapy” and received my first certification from there.  I then when on to study in England at the International School of Animal Aromatics, founded by Caroline Ingraham. I have studied with Rosemary Gladstar, world renowned author, herbalist and teacher, and completed the intensive Apprenticeship Program and the Science and Art of Herbalism Program in the didactic, therapeutic, laboratory and fieldwork in herbalism.


I am very passionate about plants and the earth. This has led me to teach, to continue to participate in classes and workshops and to keep creating. The plants are our allies and they never stop teaching us.

“This I know. The only way to live is like the rose, which lives without a why.”  – Meister Eckhart


Company Info:

FrogWorks, Inc. Natural Healing with Plants & Essential Oils for You & Your Animals

FrogWorks’ mission is to provide people and animals with high quality plant and essential oil products and treatments. It is our goal to educate people how to safely and effectively use essential oils and plants for the benefit of you and your animals.

It is our passion to teach you about essential oils and plants and how to correctly work with the animals on their level. Not on what we think they need or have been told. In our classes and home course we encourage people to use a more natural approach to their animals’ health — an approach that accustoms the animal to “self selection.” We believe that animals know what they need both in times of health and of health crisis, and when given the chance, they will choose the appropriate remedy. Nothing is forced on the animal. We encourage you to include your health care provider with this process.

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  1. Emily Strickland says:

    I am so very touched by your story. I have a 6 year old chocolate lab, who suffers from allergies and hot spots. I would love to help her feel better. I have also played with the idea of starting my on line of oil products. Do you have any pointers for me? I have been a massage therapist for 10 years and also love animals. I have taken Jade’s Aroma 101 and totally loved it !! Frances will check out your website and I hope you have a bless week. :) P.S. I am also on facebook, just look for the green frog with red eyes. You are AWESOME!!

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