Aromatic Chemistry Certification Program

Aromatic Chemistry – by and for the Aromatherapist and Health Practitioner – Certificate program has been designed for massage therapists, estheticians, nurses, healthcare providers and individuals interested in advancing their knowledge and applications of the chemistry of essential oils. It is a self-paced, self study program devoted to uncovering the science that supports the therapeutic efficacy of essential oils in a wide range of settings.  (see blog posting for examples of what you will learn: visit here)

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This is an advanced aromatherapy education program.  A Foundations aromatherapy certification program is recommended but not required.  We have found that students who take the Aromatic Chemistry certificate program are primarily interested in:

  • Advancing their knowledge and applications of aromatherapy and essential oils
  • Deepening their understanding of the chemistry of essential oils
  • Blending based upon the chemical components of essential oils

How do I become certified with the Aromatic Chemistry Certificate program?

In order to receive the East-West School for Aromatic Studies certification, students must:

  • Complete all modules in the Aromatic Chemistry online program.
  • Complete all end of chapter/module homework assignments for self review.
  • Complete 12 essential oil chemical biograms.
  • Complete final exam (requested when ready to take).
  • Send in final exam with 12 chemical biograms.

This program is approved by the NCBTMB for 14 CE Hours for massage therapists, 60 hours for Registered Aromatherapist and 60 hours of training.

Course Overview

Topics Covered

  • Aromatic Plants and Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry Overview
  • The Biosynthesis of Essential Oil Constituents
  • Chemistry: Its place in our field
  • Understanding why chemical variations occur in essential oils and the value of a GC/MS report
  • Synergism in Essential Oils
  • Understanding the structure/energy system
  • Chemical Families and their general therapeutic properties
  • Up to date research on the pharmacological activity of a wide range of components commonly found in essential oils
  • Relating to the structure/energy system with essential oil biograms and supporting documentation with component research.

Upon successful completion of the Aromatic Chemistry Certification program, you will be able to:

  • Define what a plant is.
  • Define the term Organic chemistry.
  • Explain the two main types of chemical bonding.
  • List and describe the families of organic compounds and their general therapeutic properties.
  • Specify the principal biosynthetic pathways which produce specific organic compounds.
  • Discuss a wide range of isolated chemical components that contribute to the therapeutic action of individual essential oils.
  • List examples of individual constituents under each chemical family and its potential therapeutic action.
  • Map individual essential oils to create a Structure/Function biograms .
  • Develop a blend based upon the chemistry of essential oils.
  • Explain why a specific essential oil was chosen based upon its chemistry.
  • Create a wide range of therapeutic products based upon your knowledge the chemistry of essential oils.

Course Enrollment Information

Tuition: $ 325.

Included Materials

  • Exclusive online content written by Jade Shutes
  • Life time access to the Aromatic Chemistry online program designed and written by Jade Shutes
  • Email/phone tutorial support
  • Review of case studies, biograms and exam.
  • Certificate for Advanced Aromatic Chemistry (60 hours)
  • CE hours for massage therapists (14 hours) and registered aromatherapists (60 hours).
  • Student kits and/or supplies to be purchased separately. Student kit available from


Open to all who are interested in advancing their knowledge and therapeutic application of essential oils.

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