Aromas and the Mind

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Aromatherapy online education including prerecorded webinars, video content, and exclusive material written by Jade Shutes.

The Aromas and the Mind Certificate program has been designed for massage therapists, estheticians, nurses, healthcare providers and individuals interested in exploring the psychological and physiological impact of aromas on the mind.

This is an advanced level training program and is a module from our Advanced Aromatherapy Certification program.  A Foundations level training is recommended but not required.

We have found that students taking the Aromas and the Mind certificate program are primarily interested in:

  • Designing aromatherapy products for emotional wellness
  • Enhancing an existing health care, massage, or esthetic practice
  • Integrating essential oils into home care self care
  • Advancing their knowledge of aromatherapy for the mind/emotions

How do I become certified with the Aromas and the Mind  Certificate Program?

In order to receive the East-West School for Aromatic Studies certification, students must:

  • Complete all modules in the Aromas and the Mind certificate program.
  • Complete 7 case studies on family, friends, self, or existing and willing clients.
  • Complete final exam (requested when ready to take).
  • Send in final exam and 7 case studies.

This program is approved by the NCBTMB for 32 CE Hours for massage therapists and 61 hours for RA (Registered Aromatherapist) practitioners.

Course Overview

Topics Covered

  • Exploring our sense of smell
  • The Nervous and Endocrine systems
  • Essential oil therapeutics for the nervous and endocrine systems
  • Understanding how essential oils work on the nervous and endocrine system
  • The Immune system
  • Stress and immunity
  • Up to date Research on essential oils and components for the mind/body
  • Psychoneuroimmunology (an integrated view of the nervous, endocrine and immune systems)
  • Aromatherapy and the immune system
  • The Anatomy and Nature of Olfaction
  • The Limbic system and potential benefits of olfactory aromatherapy
  • Olfaction, perception, and response
  • Aromatics, olfaction, and emotion
  • Understanding stress
  • Stress and health
  • The Relaxation response
  • Designing an aromatic treatment program for stress
  • An Enhanced Exploration of Morphology blending technique
  • Aromas and the Mind case studies


Upon successful completion of Aromas and the Mind you will be able to:

  • Explain the general roles/functions of the nervous and endocrine systems.
  • Discuss various research on the effects of essential oils on the nervous and endocrine systems.
  • Describe how essential oils support and enhance the immune system.
  • Describe the autonomic nervous system: its functions and its role in stress.
  • Describe the impact of stress on body/mind/spirit wellness.
  • Create a wide range of aromatic products for psychological well-being.
  • Utilize the Morphology blending technique to blend for emotional purposes.
  • Appreciate the power of our sense of smell.
  • Enhance ones relationship with the natural world.

Course Enrollment Information

Included Materials

  • Exclusive Aromas and the Mind ™ certificate manual designed and written by Jade Shutes
  • Lifetime access to course material
  • Discounts on student kits and/or additional materials through Stillpoint Aromatics.
  • Email/phone tutorial support
  • Review of case studies and exam.
  • Certificate for Aromas and the Mind – 61 hours.
  • CE hours for massage therapists and registered aromatherapists.


Anyone may register for this class. A Foundations level aromatherapy education is recommended but not required.

Tuition: $275.00

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