Cristina Chavez, Cert. AT

Cristina encountered aromatherapy during the last phase of her beloved father’s journey through lung cancer.  Daily peppermint massages brought a relief to them both – for the first time during that very long ordeal, they were supporting the body’s natural healing processes.  This ritual evolved to include steam treatments, reflexology and energy healing.  Each day she arrived at his bedside with her oils, the child-like anticipation and welcoming relief on his face spoke a clear message – these oils were penetrating much more than his skin, they reached his soul.  Intuition led her to apply Frankincense to his forehead, in hindsight it was in preparation for his travel from this realm to the next.  This man, a very masculine, outspoken and colorful character, never questioned or refused a therapy although he was “new age” not for one moment of his life.  His spirit accepted every bit of healing aromatherapy had to offer.  Relief on a physical level was evident and we were able to wean him off many unnecessary medications that had been prescribed.  These medicinal essential oils cradled his body with the healing protection only God’s creations can offer, offering a sense of security and warmth invaluable during the scary, uncertain roller coaster ride of terminal illness.  After her father’s passing, Cristina used essential oils to help her mother to sleep, to mourn freely & to make peace with the passing on of her cherished husband.

After some much needed rest, there seemed nothing more important than to share with others that which has provided so much.  Cristina completed Aroma Foundations 101 and has since spent much of her time creating remedies for her family, friends and anyone who is accepting of trying something new.  The essential oil remedies have been so very well received, by those completely foreign to the craft.  This inspired Cristina to create a company – Sixth Cense Aromatherapy – who’s aim is to bring this underexposed gift of natural healing to the mainstream and counter the attempts of mislabeling aromatherapy as perfume, candles and air fresheners.