Clinical Social Worker shares aromatherapy with clients

Interview with Brian Cina, Clinical Social Worker

Brian Cina


While teaching  at Lunaroma in Burlington, VT,  I was honored to meet Brian Cina, a Clinical Social worker who integrates aromatherapy into his practice with adolescents and parents. During this interview Brian shares with us his insights and experiences of working with essential oils in a clinical setting. Talking with Brian was truly inspiring!

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  1. I have used essential oils with children who have come into my home through foster care~would love to create a holistic wellness center for these children and youth at risk.

    Thank you Brian for forging the way as I have been trying to get social workers to help heal these children and not band aid or putting them on medications~

    I have adopted a little boy who has PDD,came to me with meltdowns and left me black and blue for a couple of years and had epilepsy,now at 9 he is doing excellent in school,i use essential oils on him and is off seizure meds.

    Great interview!

    michelle reid

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