Graduate Success: Awakening Essence Aromatherapy with Suzanne Schevene

Graduate Interview What brought you to the study of aromatherapy and natural lifestyles?   I was drawn to both aromatherapy and natural lifestyles which attending the Seattle Health and Wellness Expo in 1990.  My children were little and I wanted to raise them in the healthiest way possible – oh the stories I could tell […]

Greenfeet: The Planet’s Homestore

EWSHAS Graduate: Valerie Reddeman and her business – Greenfeet My name is Valerie Reddemann. I discovered the power of essential oils nearly 20 years ago from a client of mine and it’s spurred a lifelong love affair with all things botanical. I had narrowly missed being in a horrible traffic accident and arrived at a […]

One Womans Journey with Aromatherapy in Malta – Part I

I met Marika Fleri earlier this year and was quite drawn to her work and understanding how aromatherapy has evolved in Malta.  She is going to be writing a few pieces for the EWSHAS to share her experience with aromatherapy in Malta and her passion to share her knowledge and the power of healing with […]

Interview with Buddha Nose

Student Success: Amy Galper: Buddha Nose 1.  What brought you to the study of aromatherapy and natural lifestyles? About 14 years ago I was diagnosed with a mysterious kidney disease and it really changed my life.  It made me look at the illness ( how it manifested) and my habits, life patterns, symbolically –and with […]