Roman chamomile, Helichrysum, Olive oil and Onions


by Jade Shutes This is not  my typical researched or referenced  article. Just a shared experience from a  mother (me) about dealing with an acute ear infection (Otitis media) in my 5 year old son, Soren. Last Thursday evening my son woke up at around midnight crying saying that his tongue hurt. I was up […]

Essential Oil Monographs

calendula 3

Coming soon!  The East-West School for Herbal and Aromatic Studies and Jade Shutes are pleased to announce the Aromatherapists Materia Medica. Offering complete monographs on over 100 essential oils used in the practice of aromatherapy.   The first datasheets to be launched will include: The Eucalypts: E. globulus, E. radiata, E. polybractea, E. citriodora, E. […]

Aromatherapy in Malta Part II

Marika II

Aromatherapy in Malta Part II Written by: Marika Fleri, owner of AromaTreasures In Malta Aromatherapy is still considered as something that smells nice to be added to a massage even by practitioners and essential oils are sold in pharmacies and health shops over the counter without any explanation whatsoever on uses and safety instructions. I […]

Lavender Memory-based Response: A case study


Memory-based Response: A case study by EWSHAS Student   Intake Overview: D is a 56 y/o female who is married with 2 grown children living at home. She works full time in an office as a staff assistant. This requires much sitting and leaves her little time for exercise. She states her stress level is […]

Graduate Success: Awakening Essence Aromatherapy with Suzanne Schevene


Graduate Interview What brought you to the study of aromatherapy and natural lifestyles?   I was drawn to both aromatherapy and natural lifestyles which attending the Seattle Health and Wellness Expo in 1990.  My children were little and I wanted to raise them in the healthiest way possible – oh the stories I could tell […]

Integrative Self Care for Acute Bronchitis

Adding essential oil synergy to suppository mix

Integrative Self care for Acute Bronchitis without fever By Jade Shutes   About Bronchitis Bronchitis is either an acute or a chronic inflammation of the mucus lining of your bronchial tubes, which carry air to and from your lungs. This inflammation can be caused by viral or bacterial infection, smoking or inhalation of chemical pollutants […]

Completing Elderberry Syrup

Be sure to label jar.  I am storing this in the fridge although it may not last too long. My son and I love it!

Here is our final images for the Elderberry syrup making.               I hope you enjoy making this wonderful delicious immune supportive syrup this winter!  If you need dried elderberries you can order them from Mtn Rose Herbs at:

Aromatherapy Education Online

passion flower

Aromatherapy education ignites ones passion, expands ones potential, enables one to offer an incredible holistic component to ones practice & life, and provides a lifetime of learning and love.  Aromatherapy education is of great value particularly when you spend time researching each program available and finding the one that fits your needs.   Our On-Line […]

Elderberry Syrup – Yummy delicious and much recommended throughout winter!

elderberries with hot water

Black Elderberry (Sambucus nigra) You can make herbal medicine with the flowers and fruits of the Black Elderberry bush/shrub. According to Gaia herbs, elderberry, ‘the bush has been referred to as “the medicine tree of the common people“.’  The berries offer antiviral and immune stimulating properties during these winter months plus elderberry syrup tastes divine!  […]

Fennel – Foeniculum vulgare

Sweet Fennel  Foeniculum vulgare

By Jade Shutes, B.A., Dipl. AT The aroma is the deepest manifestation of prana in a herb. Arjun Das – Ayurveda class notes While studying Ayurveda with my teacher, Arjun Das, I was struck by his poetic statements about Fennel. Arjun shared: Fennel is about digestion and transformation. Fennel inspires us to accept our […]

Greenfeet: The Planet’s Homestore


EWSHAS Graduate: Valerie Reddeman and her business – Greenfeet My name is Valerie Reddemann. I discovered the power of essential oils nearly 20 years ago from a client of mine and it’s spurred a lifelong love affair with all things botanical. I had narrowly missed being in a horrible traffic accident and arrived at a […]

Ginger/Lemon Salt scrubs and Spicy Breathing Space Salve

Adding honey to salve mixture

by Jade Shutes These are products I am donating to the Blue Lotus Yoga Studio in Raleigh in hopes of raising some money to donate to local charity.   Ginger Lemon Salt Scrub What you will need to make 4 jars of scrub: 3 cups of sea salt 1 1/2 cups Jojoba oil 30 drops […]

How to make your own Vanilla Extract


Vanilla Extract Making a fresh batch of vanilla extract can be a wonderful gift for the holidays.   There is so much to love about the orchid Vanilla. In a previous blog I wrote about how to make a vanilla bean jojoba infusion.  Now we turn to an alcohol extract which can be used in baking […]

Natural Lip Balm Recipe

cyprus lipbalm

My Lumina Titian~Lip Balm Created by:  Cyprus Michalchuk Recipe 2tsp carrot infused oil 2tsp evening primrose oil 2tsp of poplar bud infused oil (use what ever infused oil you have) 1tsp jojoba 2tsp avocado oil 2tsp (heaping) cocoa butter 1/2 local honey 3 tsp heaping local bees wax Sea Buckthorn Co2 or extract Rosehip extract […]

Harvesting Roots: Burdock and Echinacea


Harvesting Roots by Jade Shutes I have been waiting for the time for root harvesting to arrive and this weekend, although I was busy with other projects, I received a ‘call’, seemingly from the plants and from an inner tuition, that it was time to harvest some roots.  Pausing my wintertime gift making, I headed […]

Lemon Expression by hand!

This is lemon being peeled to be expressed by hand for the essential oil!

For those of us who have a fascination with all things aromatic, I was excited to receive a book entitled “The Volatile Oils” by Eduard Gildemeister.    I ordered the book which was published in 1922 for the pictures although there is some interesting information too.  This is a collector book not really a book to […]

Bath Fizzy Wrapping


Today we found some pieces of fabric (I am a collector of fabric and wool fiber/yarn) and some wool yarn.  We packaged up the bath balms like this.     And here is Soren with his fizzy wrapped.   See those dry lips!  Next we are making Vanilla lip balm! Recipe and step by step […]

Holiday Gift Making – Part One


Holiday Gift Making  Part One with Jade Shutes One of my all time favorite holiday events is the time for making aromatic and herbal gifts for family and friends.  We begin our adventure with all the supplies we have on hand or can easily get (because typically we wait until the last minutes).  The first […]

Peppermint and Nausea – A case study: End of Life Care

11.3 Senior Hands22

Client hx and presenting problems: Marie was admitted to the nursing facility with advanced, end stage breast cancer. Marie had a history of resolved breast cancer, that later returned. Rather than be pushed for treatments, Marie choose to not tell her family that the cancer had returned. As her condition progressed, she was experiencing increased […]

Internal Use of Oregano: An Exploration


Oregano: Origanum vulgare   by Jade Shutes My interest in writing this article comes from the ongoing questions I receive from individuals regarding the internal use of essential oils.  This week a student wrote in and asked about the internal use of Oregano and since I have been interested in the Oregano supplements I see […]