Distilling with Cathy Skipper

With the rise in interest in distilling, we thought we would share this video with Cathy Skipper. This is from our French Aromatherapy course!   For those interested in the French Aromatherapy course, we have a special offer valid through May 31st. Enjoy a $100. discount off the course.  At checkout enter: aromatics Or: Enjoy […]

The Spirit of Yerba Mansa

The Spirit of Yerba Mansa Life’s rich path recently took me from rural France to New Mexico in one fell swoop. After acclimatizing for a while, I began to get excited about a new challenge…learning the herbs from this unique part of the globe. I arrived in autumn and so roots were in season and […]

Prickly Pear Seed Oil and the Skin

Prickly Pear Seed Oil and the Skin Written by: Billie A. Leyendecker: Aromatic Scholars Program Graduate with The School for Aromatic Studies Introduction Prickly pear seed oil interests me a great deal. I recently became aware of the health benefits it has for skin, and so I decided to research this topic a bit further. […]

The Aromatherapy Registrations Council Part II

The Issues with ARC As many of you know I have recently been questioning the legitimacy of the Aromatherapy Registrations Council (ARC). The reasons are numerous but most importantly, I care about our graduates and students, I care about the certification process, and I care about finding out the truth about things like the ARC […]

Do You Need the ARC Exam?

The Aromatherapy Registrations Council – Is it a legitimate examination board? As I continue my path within the aromatherapy profession, I cannot help but to ask if ARC (the Aromatherapy Registrations Council) is a legitimate board representing the aromatherapy profession. I can no longer stay silent about this matter or ignore its importance. I can […]

Aromatic Inspiration for the New Year

“Plants mean nothing in isolation; they are a life-form rooted in and identified by their community, by their relationships to and interactions with all other life on Earth.” (Buhner) Like plants, humans also mean nothing in isolation. We are a life-form rooted in and identified by our community, by our relationships to and interactions with […]

Pinon Pine Body Butter

The Ultimate Nourishing Body Butter While in the mountains recently, I reconnected with a much loved body butter recipe. This luxurious body butter is one of my all time favorite recipes. It truly rocks when it comes to protecting, nourishing, and soothing dry skin during the autumn and winter months. The addition of Pinon pine […]

How to make your own Cough Syrup

An Aromatic Cough Syrup Cough Syrup: A Simple Honey Cough Syrup for Adults and Adolescents over the age of 7. For those between ages 5-7, half dosage of essential oils. For those below age of 5: use tea with a little honey mixed in. **Do not use honey for children under 1 year. Here’s what […]

How to make a Perfumed Locket

The Perfumed Locket The perfumed locket has been inspired by the artistry and beauty of Roxana Villa’s Botanical Perfume Lockets. Here’s what you’ll need: Equipment: ◻︎ Stainless steel double boiler ◻︎ Stainless steel fork or whisk ◻︎ Empty stainless steel, silver, or gold lockets (just don’t get old ones where material to make is unknown: […]

How to make Coffee Infused Oil

We’ve had a couple of recipes that used Coffee infused sesame or jojoba oil and a number of of people have asked for directions on how to make this heavenly infusion, so here it is! Supplies needed: Slightly ground coffee beans (Organic, if possible) Canning jar (size dependent on how much you want to make) […]

How to make Coffee Lip Balm!

Coffee Lip Balm Coffee, coffee, coffee! Loving the coffee infused jojoba oil so decided to use it in a delicious lip balm. Here’s what you’ll need: Equipment: ◻︎ Stainless steel double boiler ◻︎ Stainless steel fork or whisk ◻︎ For Lip Balm: 3 – 1 ounce cardboard tubes + 2 – 0.15 Lip balm tubes […]

Our Famous Respiratory Salve

Our Famous Respiratory Salve I have been making, using, and sharing this respiratory salve for as long as I can remember. It is a favorite among our students for sure! And each year I make a batch of salve along with cough syrup for gifts to family and friends. Whether someone has a cold or […]

How to make labels for aromatherapy products

Labeling and Containers Labels, labels, labels……..How do you label your product? I don’t know what it is about labels and why they seem so challenging at times, so this year I set a goal to figure out how to effectively create waterproof labels without spending lots of money. I happened to be on a facebook […]

Pinon Pine: Pinus edulis essential oil

Pinon Pine: Pinus edulis   I have fallen madly in love with piñon pine, also spelled pinyon, this autumn. Gathered and distilled right here in the United States, Pinon pine grows in the southern states of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and parts of Texas. The leaves are distilled for the essential oil while […]

How to make your own natural bathroom scrub!

Lemongrass Bathroom Scrub My all time favorite scrub for cleaning our bathrooms! I played with my standard recipe by putting in some finely ground lemongrass which adds a little extra scrubbing power and aroma. I have also used powdered orange peels or powdered lemon peel in different batches and I would think even ground lavender […]

How to make a Spicy Aftershave

Spicy Men’s Aftershave A ‘to die for‘ spicy aftershave! Based upon the much loved Bay Laurel aftershave by Rosemary Gladstar, I formulated the perfect blend of herbs to create a yummy spicy aftershave for men. This aftershave has a beautiful aroma with just the herbal infusion into the bay rum or vodka but you can […]

How to make Anise/Fennel Honey

How to make Herbal Honey with Anise/Fennel or Rose/Tulsi Herbal honeys rock during the Autumn and Winter months for their therapeutic benefits for the respiratory system, the nervous system (think, relaxing and soothing!), their ability to dispel kapha, and even nourish and heal the skin. With this post we will be focusing on two herbal […]

How to make a coffee scrub

Day #10: Cardamom Coffee Body Scrub How’s this for a yummy delicious scrub for the body and mind: a combination of vanilla bean infused coconut oil with coffee infused sesame oil added to finely ground coffee and sugar with a hint of cardamom, black pepper and ginger essential oils…..sheer delight and beauty! Here’s what you’ll […]

How to make a Facial Elixir

Day #5: Raspberry Facial Elixir This yummy facial elixir contains Raspberry seed oil, a rich source of polyunsaturated fatty acids (think Omega 3, 6 and 9) and nourishing protective antioxidants such as bioflavonoids, tocopherols and tocotrienols, and phytosterols, plus it smells divine! Along with the raspberry seed oil is Calendula officinalis herbal infusion. Calendula is […]

How to make a Body Scrub

The Desert Salt Scrub Sage (Salvia officinalis) has become one of my favorite aromas and plants to work with this year. Perhaps because of those menopausal hot flashes which sage so efficiently helps to ease! Please note: The Sage I used in this recipe is Salvia officinalis petite feuilles which is almost ketone-free. I highly […]