Viver Ayurveda Certification Training with Arjun Das

Viver Ayurveda Certification Training

APRIL 27- MAY 1, 2011      WED-SAT 9AM-6PM           CHAPEL HILL, NC             16 CE NCBTMB credits pending

$550 ~early registration before April 1, $750 thereafter.
Prorated/Partial enrollment is possible if you cannot attend the entire 5 days.

This very special Ayurvedic training has been designed to cover the classic principles and authentic background of Ayurveda from its history and philosophy to anatomy and physiology.

You will be introduced to the elements which help us to engage Ayurveda vividly in our daily life as part of our sadhana or spiritual daily practice. When we celebrate our life, disease is honored as the inner teacher which shares its message of knowledge and in so doing helps to remove ignorance and invites the wisdom and poetry of the cure.

Viver Ayurveda is a heartfelt training which aims to prepare you to live your life employing and experiencing all the senses in a Sattvic way:

Sound as a purifying vehicle through mantras and good words.
Touch through love, tolerance, and friendship.
Sight through vibrant and healthy colors.
Insights from meditation.
Taste by experiencing deep and nourishing flavors from the herbs
and plants, that manifest their ultimate essence through scents and
fragrances which in turn communicates with our consciousness.

Through this training we are inspired and invited to learn how Ayurveda works and how to put it in action in our own lives. This is most important and the only way to truly understand these holistic concepts. What we apply in our daily routine becomes solid knowledge and also allows the subtle notes of our inner knowing to come forth into our awareness.

We are encouraged to look inside, deeply and sincerely. This prepares us to learn at an even greater depth and gives us the opportunity to put compassion into practice. When we really understand the Doshas, the final outcome is this: I accept whatever you may bring to this world.

I honor your Light.

Please see this introductory video of Arjun Das at the Floracopeia Retreat last spring.

For information and registration:
Shoshanna DiBetta
919-309-9989 or 703-307-1523