Aromatherapy in Malta Part II

Aromatherapy in Malta Part II

Written by: Marika Fleri, owner of AromaTreasures

In Malta Aromatherapy is still considered as something that smells nice to be added to a massage even by practitioners and essential oils are sold in pharmacies and health shops over the counter without any explanation whatsoever on uses and safety instructions. I want to change that. I want to empower people with the notion that they can reach for a bottle of essential oil instead of taking pills in certain circumstances. I also want to instill the notion that aromatherapy is a treatment in its own merit and that an Aromatherapist is not just there to add some drops of essential oil to her massage blend just because it has a wonderful smell. I am also trying to show people that Aromatherapy is a way of life and show them how they can safely use essential oils and incorporate them in their day to day life.

When I was reading for the Diploma Course in Aromatherapy with my Maltese teacher Marina Galea from Marina’s Health and Beauty School I was also thought to think outside the box and I have treasured that notion in the years that followed the course.

So what I am doing right now is doing informative 1 hr talks on What aromatherapy is all about? every where I can. I have been to University Of Malta, have also been to various groups and NGO’s and my aim is to continue to reach as many people as possible. Most of the talks are done for free.  You might argue that one person is not enough to change the mentality of a whole country. I do not see it that way. Someone has to start the process and also being realistic it is easier for me with Malta having a population of only 400,000 people.

Apart from that Aroma Treasures is also organizing day workshops in conjunction with a wonderful person I met this year – Charlene Mercieca. She is the Maltese Queen of Soaps and most of the drive I have has come from her encouragement. She is the owner of SoapCafe Malta and is doing a great job of introducing people to all natural beauty products. During our workshops we also do an introduction to Aromatherapy where we  cover history, explaining how essential oils work, how they are extracted, and general safety instructions for their use. We then go into detail on therapeutic benefits and safety instructions of about 15 essential oils most commonly used and bought. And after all this students prepare their own aromatherapy massage/bath oil and their own aroma scrub which they can then take home. Notes for future reference are also given to students. We make sure to point out that the scope of the workshop is not for the students to become Aromatherapists but to learn how they can incorporate this complementary therapy in their day to day life. I am also Aromatherapist in attendance at Soap Café Malta once a week.

Last but not least I am also Aromatherapist in attendance at a wonderful Fine foods/Health shop one day a week where together with Dominic Calleja, the owner, we are trying to teach people all about Aromatherapy and introducing the concept of Aromatherapy consultations and treatments.


I also believe in continuous in continuous training and research and am currently studying with East West School of Herbal and Aromatic Studies where I am doing Chemistry Of Essential Oils for the Aromatherapist.

I want to do more and am always trying to find ways to reach out to people but I want to give what I am doing my all, so one step at a time. I do not know if the mission I set myself to do will be a success but judging on the feedback I am receiving, people are interested to know more and more and we are already receiving loads of enquiries and experiencing loads of success stories.





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