All Natural Mosquito Repellant Recipe



Mosquitoes be gone


  1. radhacrawley says:

    Does this also work for no see ums? :)

  2. Would you modify this at all for young children? At approx. what age would you say it’s safe to use?

    • Hello Joriel,

      I use this on my 6 year old son and have since he was about 4 years old. You could lower the dilution for younger ones. The thing with mosquito repellants is that they do need to be strong to be effective. None of the essential oils used in this recipe would be contra-indicated for children. Just be sure they don’t get any on their hands and then rub in their eyes. I cannot recall ever using mosquito repellent for my son when he was an infant. Hmmmm.. will have to think about that one.

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